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This page is where you will find links to previous performers at Have A Banana (Previously Papal Audience) so you can keep up to date with their gigs and up and coming releases.
100% Beef Cock & The Tits Burster
BeltBuckle Overdrive 
Common Deflection Problems
Dan McDonald
DJ Dazzy Dexter
DJ MacLoud
DJ Zany
Fuzz Orchestra
Let Demons Run
Red Dancers Cometh
Sonic Mass
The Boy In The Attic
The Twiice
Vincent Holley
Aggro Culture
Blind Havoc
Buffalo Fish
Cork Street Posse
DJ Adenassi
DJ's Doxium 7 & Neural Rust
DJ Paul Pure
Hungry & The Hunted
Kyrb Grinder
Lol Squared
Oiz ii Men
Rubber Hippies
Syllian Rayle
The Connectors
Theories Divide
Words That Burn
Bad Guys
Bogong In Action
Clean Freaks
DJ Aunty Asbo
DJ Editor
DJ Tom Dagone
Last Seen Wearing
Morton Valence
Other Eyes Wise
Silent Front
The Black Plastic
The Kemistry
Twisted Autocracy
Yes Men
You're Smiling Now But
We'll All Turn Into Demons
The acts below have also played for Have A Banana (Previously Papal Audience) however sadly most have now hung up their boots. Other reasons they are not featured above could be that they have started new projects or don't have an up to date Website, Facebook or Myspace. 

85 Bears, Aces Wild, Cutthroat Convention, Cuter In The Dark, Dark Room Project, Dave Holley,

Dean Holley, Development, Devil In Miss Jones, Dogbonfire, Dorothy's Friend, DJ Ebernebbacrab,

Guanche DJ, Haze Of Judgement, DJ Hedgehog, Inner Rage, It's All About Mary, DJ James Dyson, 

Joe Lockhart, Kann Ich Mit Leben, DJ Kito, Laundry Mews, Laurence & Paul Steele, 

Leevil, Lori May Spear, Mallory Knox, Malone, Murder Mile, DJ Navdeepverma, Nouveau, Ransom, 

Richard Holley, Sarajevo, Sepsis, Steph Horak, The Acid Tapes, The Basics, The Frankly's, 

The Hurt Business, The Real Sound, DJ Trolley, Warheed, We Drink Drago, The Bovine Wives,

Reaping Havoc, Oxford Style, Lupins, Slabdragger, James Marples, George and Andy, Big Daddy Ash, Jupiter Flyby, The Nodz, THUNDERKUNT, Just In, Buy Beers, The Egg Of F.S.I. & XES 1. 

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