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Have A Banana (Previously Papal Audience) started as a result of being frustrated with the majority of promoters in London, especially Camden at the time. On my 22nd Birthday i organised a gig at The Urban Bar, Whitechapel featuring some of the great heavy rock bands which were passing through the doors of The Vatican Studios at the time. It was hard work but when the 1st band Lol Squared started playing i had the bug and didn't look back.


After that Papal Audience & Have A Banana put on 55 nights over 6 & a half years (12 of which were collaborative nights) over 14 different Venues and have been very lucky to have worked with some amazing, lovely acts. On the Acts Who Have Performed page you will find links to most of their websites so you can check them out.


Have A Banana (Papal Audience) put on nights at The Urban Bar, The Victoria, The Cross Kings, The Betsey Trotwood, The Buffalo Bar, 93 Feet East, El Paso, Black Velvet, The Westbury, Rhythm Factory, The Dalston Vic, The Stags Head, New Cross Inn & Sinbin.

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